15 Misleading Health Tips You Need To Forget About

People will do anything just to stay healthy and as a result, there are always tips emerging on how to stay healthy. You’ve probably come across so many but a good number of them are actually not true. You should actually be careful with the tips you follow so that you do not put yourself at risk while trying to do the opposite.

Here are fifteen health tips you need to forget about.

1. You should always use antibacterial soap

Funny that this is a health tip given in order to keep germs away but did you know that your sanitizer used too often could have a negative effect on your body? Shocking right? The thing is hand sanitizers contain an antibacterial agent called Triclosan that could affect your thyroid and cause weight gain because the hormones in the thyroid are responsible for metabolism. Research has shown relatively higher levels of Triclosan in people who work at hospitals mostly because these antibacterials are mostly used there. These levels are tied to a 0.9 percent BMI increase. So instead of using antibacterial soaps to wash your hands, just use the normal soaps.

2. Always have bottled water with you

Water is good for the body and for the normal functioning of the brain. As a result, we have been advised to always have bottled water with us every time so as to stay healthy. This is a health tip that needs to be forgotten because bottled water is actually not the best for you. The thing is, these throwaway bottles contain Bisphenol A which has been known to contribute to obesity. It can also cause infertility problems for women. You should just stick to reusable bottles and not the common ones that you throw away. This has the added benefit of reducing plastic waste.

3. You should work out on a daily basis

The benefits of exercise cannot be overlooked and that is why we are advised to do so in order to stay fit and maintain our figure. However, contrary to what we have heard numerous times, it is actually not advisable to work out everyday. There is a difference between working out regularly and working out everyday. You need to give your body time to recover and to rebuild so once or twice a week should be good enough.

4. Skip high-calorie meals altogether

A lot of people who are trying to watch what they eat believe that it’s better to postpone eating a meal till later if they find themselves in a situation where whatever is being served is full of calories. The truth is, doing this will not do any good for you because starving yourself stands in the way of your maintaining a healthy eating habit. Skipping meals also does not help you in portion control because it will make you overeat later. So if you suspect that you might end up in a situation that would have you next to food that has a lot of calories, it’s better to carry something that is healthy for you so that you can eat that instead of starving.

5. You can substitute food with healthy snacks to lose weight

A lot of people who are trying to keep the calories away or generally trying to lose weight nowadays are turning to “healthy snacks” and are substituting full course meals with these. While companies that make these snacks are aware of this, they will often market them as whole wheat or low fat even if they are really not, just to lure people to buy them. The truth is, one should not substitute full course meals in order to shed weight, rather, fill your kitchen with healthier foods to supplement your workouts.

6. Stay away from fats, they will give you health problems

It is mostly believed that staying away from fats is the key to living healthier. This is not entirely true. Trans fats are indeed not good for you as they increase your levels of cholesterol but your body needs certain types of fats in some amounts for you to stay fuller longer. Fats also help us absorb vitamins and reduce your body mass. Examples of such fats include coconut oil and olive oil. Substituting these harmless fats with low-fat products is actually why people will end up getting a sugar rush and after a very short while, start feeling hungry. So don’t be so scared of consuming fats. Just choose the right ones.

7. You need to work out very early in the morning

Working out seems like such a good thing to do for yourself at 4:00 am. It appears like the perfect way to get yourself energized and healthy for the rest of the day but it turns out there is something wrong with that. Getting up too early to work out means you are depriving yourself of sleep and something could actually go wrong with your health as a result. Research has shown that people who sleep for around five or fewer hours gain belly fat two and a half times more than a person who sleeps longer. It is therefore advisable that you keep your sleep time between 6-8 hours in order for your body to respond well to working out.

8. In order to be re-energized, you should sleep a lot longer

As contradictory as it may sound, this is another health tip that people should do away with. Too much of everything is poisonous at the end of the day and while inadequate sleep is linked to weight gain, sleeping for over eight hours can cause some very serious health problems such as heart complications, stroke and even diabetes in addition to the fact that it could cause an increase in your belly fat. You should avoid snacking before going to bed as well.

9. Avoid eating altogether to keep the calories away

Studies have shown that a lot of people tend to skip meals in order to keep their weight down. This is actually counterproductive as in the real sense, skipping meals slows down your metabolism and as a result, increases your chances of gaining weight. So, instead of skipping meals, it is advisable to eat small portions of foods rich in fibre and protein every two to three hours as it helps you burn more fat.

10. Egg yolks are bad for you

This is something that has been going around for ages but it’s time people realized that egg yolks actually are of great benefit to your health as they contain iron and also provide you with vitamins A and B-12. Taking them in the morning could also prevent fat absorption.

11. You can overeat on the healthy foods

While it is advisable to eat healthily, many people will often use this as an excuse to ignore portion control. A good number of people believe that it is alright to eat a lot just because you have filled your diet with foods that are required for your body to stay nourished. What you might not be keeping in mind is that some healthy foods can still make you gain weight. Examples include avocado, chicken, oatmeal among others. To avoid this, make sure you eat a plate that has a good balance of vegetables, protein, grains and fat.

12. You should eat before and after a workout

This is an idea that has been fixed into people’s minds for the longest time and we do this even if it means ignoring our actual feelings of hunger and even ignoring that we might actually be full. While it is important to do this, for your athletic recovery, the truth is that most people will still have the energy to keep them going during a workout from the past meal they ate and really don’t need the extra calories.

13. Stay away from dairy products

This is actually depriving yourself of nutrients that could be very helpful to your body. Milk contains calcium required for healthy bones, products such as Greek yogurt are full of protein and the acidity in this kind of yogurt actually helps you absorb nutrients for the rest of the day.

14. Using waist trainers will help your metabolism

Waist trainers are being used more and more by women who want to lose belly fat. People believe that they will compress your core and release toxins but the truth is, using them will make you eat less for the period of time you have them on. The reason is as simple as no one will feel the urge to eat when their stomach is being pushed to their spine or even their chest so eating a lot when you have them on will just give you trouble breathing. When you remove them, you will be back to square one and will probably feel hungry again.

15. You should stay away from coffee

You may have heard that coffee has the stress hormone that will make you get belly fat, but understand that drinking coffee every morning isn’t exactly a bad thing for you. Getting your coffee fix in the morning will actually keep you active. The caffeine in it will increase your performance during workouts.

So the next time you hear these health tips, do not fall for them.