Why Detoxing is a Myth

We hear about detoxing very often, especially before spring. During the cold winter, we tend to pay less attention to what we eat. As a result, at the end of winter, we often have to face smaller fat pads on our bodies and a few or more extra kilos. In addition to diets and sports, detoxification is added to our pre-spring to-do lists. But is it a good idea?

The majority of detox cures are only money-making tricks. says Gabor Zacher Hungarian toxicologist. More and more studies are published nowadays that support the opinion of the toxicologist: he states that what we call today detoxification” is just an invention of the fitness industry.

People are incredibly gullible, says Zacher, and the business life takes the advantages of it. A range of companies sells completely useless products and services like ‘detox foot baths’ or patches. Many products and treatments that advertised as “detoxifying” are not only useless but can even be dangerous in some cases.

For example the fast and drastic detox diets. Such a cure may completely disrupt the functioning systems of the body and its balance. Unfortunately, the elderly and chronic patients often do it because they hope for healing – but instead, they can worsen their condition.

So it can be an absolutely dangerous fad

The whole detox topic is a huge bluff, an alternative reality that has been built by people and companies who want to earn money on that. Our body does not work like a house, that needs to be deep cleaned once or twice a year. In addition, the excretion of toxins does not require any magic powder, tea, capsule or Diatomaceous Earth, as the excretion of these is perfectly completed by our organs such as the kidney or liver. “Toxins” are excreted in urine and feces. So, in fact, a person who sits on the toilet daily detoxifies perfectly, so detoxification does not require different cures, but a toilet paper.