20 Foods That May Cause Cancer

In recent times a lot of chemicals are included in our daily diet due to the processing technology along with our habit of relying more on the fast food. Your regular diet can cause a number of cancers including the stomach, liver and uterus cancer .If you don’t change your eating habits which include foods with less fiber and fruits and more fats. You will learn about 20 food items you eat everyday which can cause cancer in this article which would be helpful for you as well as for the people around you.

20. Fermented Products

Fermented products have also been proven as cancer causing products. Fermentation is the process used in order to preserve the food for longer period of time. Fermented products include fermented milk, pickled vegetables and pickled fish and these products contain higher amount of proteins and amino acids. The N-nitroso compound found in these fermented products is actually the real threat to human health and it supports the cancerous activities going on in the human body. The intake of fermented products in higher amount can result in making you a cancer patient after few years which would be a dangerous situation for you and your family.

19. Dairy Products

The dairy products which are being made with the help of artificial methods are proven to be harmful for the human beings although they contain high amount of proteins. There are a number of chemicals being used nowadays in the production of the dairy products which are increasing the number of cancer patients every day. Even the customers don’t know about the fact that they are purchasing something so harmful instead they think that it would be good for their health. So we need to create awareness among the people and try to find the dairy products which are not made with the help of various chemicals.

18. Salty Food

High amount of nitrates is used in order to preserve the food. These nitrates release a certain chemical named as N-nitroso which is a chemical known for causing cancer. The N-nitroso chemical reaches our stomach when we eat the preserved food having high amount of salts.  According to a research in Brazil the people who have a higher intake of salts on regular bases are more endangered to become a cancer patient. Although salt intake is necessary for human beings but the amount should not exceed a limit so that it is not harmful but is beneficial for the human health.

17. Vegetable Oils

Various kinds of vegetable oils which are given different colors in order to sell them although they are not suitable for human health. These oils have high amount of Omega 6 which is a known cause of cancer around the world. The fatty acids known as Omega 6 are also behind a number of other diseases including cancer. The vegetable oils of various colors can cause various types of cancers including liver, prostate and stomach cancer. In addition to this a person who has a high intake of these kind of oils in his or her daily life can also fall a prey to heart and skin diseases.

16. Fries

Fries contain higher amounts of aclylamide which is named as one of the causes of cancer. In addition to this fact the higher number of fats in the fries produced during the frying process also makes it an unhealthy food. The restaurants and vendors which are selling the fries do not care about the customers’ health and they follow the unhealthy procedures of making potato fries which effect most of the people including us. There are ways which can be adopted in order to prepare healthier fries and according to a research in USA the French fries available in most of the restaurants can become a reason of cancer in the human body.

15. Chips

Chips are a necessary part our daily lives if we are at a party, watching a movie or just spending some time alone we need to have a packet of chips alongside us. The thing we neglect is the amount of salt and the calories one packet of chips contains. The amount even exceeds the amount of calories present in our meals and it is obviously not good for the health. Along with high amount of calories, the artificial preservatives being added to the chips are found helpful in increasing the cancerous cells in our body. This is the reason why we need to fix our habit of eating chips every now and then.

14. Canned Products

The food which is canned is considered to be healthier because it can be stored and there is no change in taste but actually it is extremely harmful for the human health. The issue is with the lining of the can which contains a chemical named BPA which has been tested as harmful for the brain cells. You must stay away from the canned tomatoes because of their higher acidity level as they can be extremely harmful if canned as the BPA mixes up with the tomatoes and all the tomatoes become toxic which can cause cancer if eaten by the human beings.

13. Non-Organic Food

Well most of us know that the non-organic food receives a lot of pesticides while it is in the growing process. These pesticides leave their harmful effects on the food and when we eat them we also suffer from the harmful effects. Although it is difficult to find organic food all the time but you can grow your own food in your garden and for better health you need to do a bit of hard work like our ancestors did. The chemicals present in these pesticides can be the reason behind a number of cancer types that can attack your body if you keep eating non-organic food.

12. Alcohol

The regular intake of alcohol in large amount has already been associated with cancer according to a number of researchers. It can cause various types of cancers including mouth, liver and stomach cancer. If you are a smoker and also drink regularly then you can fall a prey to cancer easily. Alcohol damages liver so its regular use would eventually increase the damage to such extent which would cause cancer in the liver. If you drink regularly you need to limit the amount of alcohol intake and it would be better if you leave drinking because in this way you would at least be safe from liver cancer.

11. Soft Drinks

There are a number of artificial ingredients including artificial colors which are present in the soft drinks. People love to buy the soft drinks because of their great taste but little do they know about the harmful effects of these drinks. The amount of sugar is extremely high in these drinks and the moment you drink these soft drinks you are increasing the sugar level in your body immensely. According to a number of research organizations the increase in sugar level can cause cancer if the level remains higher than normal for a number of days so we should not be drinking soft drinks regularly.

10. Diet products

The food which is labeled as “diet food” contain lower amount of calories but they do contain chemicals which are dangerous for the humans. Most of the times this kind of food also includes artificial colors and these can become a factor in the production of cancerous cells in human body. According to a research there is extra amount of salt present in the artificial diet which can lead towards stomach cancer if the food is eaten regularly. The number of chemicals added to these diet foods are harmful for the human health and the situation needs to be dealt with so you can start by refusing to buy the diet foods.

9. Artificial Sweeteners

The people suffering from diabetes or who are weight conscious use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar in their daily lives. The artificial sweeteners contain a number of toxins which are extremely harmful for the human health and these toxins increases the chances of brain tumor in humans. The artificial sweeteners have low calories so the people think they don’t need to lower their intake but little do the people know that the regular intake would get you closer to the brain cancer. This is the reason why people need to consult the nutritionists for a replacement as we cannot afford the artificial sweeteners even in small amount.

8. Processed Sugar

There are a number of sweets which include processed sugar like candies, lollipops, drinks etc. and this processed sugar is extremely harmful for the people. Most of people won’t be aware of the fact which was discovered in 1931 that this kind of sugar is helpful in the growth of cancerous cells. As these kinds of products are popular among the people especially youngsters so we need to inform others too about the harmful effects of processed sugar which could lead to the growth of cancer in the human body. It should be kept in mind that there is no suitable amount of processed sugar intake so you should avoid it completely.

7. Processed Flour

Processed flour is available in every country nowadays and most of the people are using it because it is easy to find. This kind of flour which is also called refined flour is harmful for the human beings because it contains higher amount of carbohydrates and the regular intake can cause cancer. The flour also contains a higher index of glycemic and it is linked with the growth of cancerous cells. Most of us love to eat bakery products but we need to be extremely careful in this regard because the refined carbohydrates can be a factor in the growth of cancer in humans.

6. Packaged Popcorns

These popcorns are available in every market nowadays and a lot of people are eating them because they are easy to prepare. The microwave popcorns are extremely popular because they are convenient to use. The bags in which these popcorns are packed contain a number of toxins which is also known to be a factor in the infertility in females. According to the researchers these toxins are a factor in the increasing risk of various types of cancers. There are a number of preservatives being added to the packaged popcorns which are a big threat to the human beings so we need to be really careful regarding this fact.

5. Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms commonly known as GMOs are made with the help of various chemicals. For example the GMOs include various types of wheat, corn and even soya beans so you need to choose GMO free food. During a research few rats were fed with GMO potatoes and it proved to be harmful for their immune system and even brain. It also lead to the growth of the cancerous conditions in the rats. Still there is a lot of research needed to create an opinion that GMOs should not be produced as they are harmful for humans in every way but still we need to be extremely careful.

4. Farmed Fish

Fish is one of the healthiest food among all the foods available for the human beings. The real threat to human health is the farmed fish because it is fed with various kinds of chemicals. It would be quite astonishing for the people who are unknown with this fact and they would obviously question that why is fish fed with chemicals in the farms and the reason is because of the difference in the color of meat of the farmed fish as compared to sea fish so the farmed fish is fed with chicken litter. According to the research being held by Harvard Medical School the chemicals being fed to the fish can become a factor when it comes to the cancer in human beings.

3. BBQ

Smoked meat is part of every celebration nowadays. Whole family gathers around the fire and prepares BBQ on most of the occasions but few of them know that during this process the meat absorbs quite an amount of tar. In addition to this the hams and sausages contain high amount of salts and regular consumption of meat results in the increasing chances of bowel cancer. During the process of barbecuing few hydrocarbons are formed which are extremely dangerous for the humans. You need to consult your doctor for the amount of meat you need to eat regularly to remain healthy as it is different for everybody.

2. Steaks

You can eat steak once in a while but you need to stop eating red meat regularly. Actually red meat can be extremely healthy if you don’t eat it on daily basis but once or twice a week. According to a research done in America the frequent use of red meat leads to colorectal cancer. The research also showed that the regular intake of fish is extremely beneficial for the human health. In addition to this the grass fed meat is better and you can eat 70 grams of red meat daily if  you need to stay away from cancer but most of the times the amount exceeds so you have to be a bit careful.

1. Processed Meat

Processed meat includes all kinds of hot dogs, bacons, sausages and hams we eat normally. According to a new research the cases of bowel cancer is more common in people who are frequent processed meat consumers. The issue with processed meat is that it contains small amount of nitrosamines which can cause cancer if its quantity exceeds a certain limit in the human body. Processed meat also contain preservatives like sodium nitrates which is extremely harmful for the humans. It does not mean that you cannot eat processed meat but there is a certain limit per day for example an adult can eat up to 70 grams of processed meat per day if he or she wants to remain healthy.